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The Millennium Master Plan (MMP) - campus for the future

A major Planning Priority for the University is "Creating a campus and campus experience consistent with the University's expectation of excellence". To achieve this goal the University is moving forward on the following strategies for developing the physical environment :

Physical Environment Strategies

  • To ease the high density on the existing campus; provide opportunities for accommodating new initiatives, and realize a well-planned and aesthetically pleasing campus in line with the aspirations of a modern university
  • To use the Millennium Master Plan for the redevelopment of the Main Campus through expansion towards the West to transform the present campus into a world class facility
  • To explore the potential for expansion in the University's Sassoon Road Campus; establish the planning principles needed to consolidate and further develop a coherent and flexible second campus
  • To promote environmental consciousness among the University community; contribute to a sustainable future through the conservation of natural resources
  • To seek enhancement of environmental performance through collaboration with research colleagues and incorporation of new initiatives and practices into the estates and facilities management system

The Millennium Master Plan

The University has produced a blueprint in the form of the Millennium Master Plan (MMP) for its medium to long term future to meet with its Planning Priorities. A university with world class ambitions requires a campus environment to match. The main focus of the MMP, along with re-planning of the existing Main Campus, is a major expansion to the west onto the only flat piece of land in this part of Pokfulam. The present occupant of this land is Government's Water Supplies Department. The plan is to make more intensive joint use of the land to provide a whole range of much-needed academic buildings plus recreational facilities and other modern amenities whilst also providing enhanced water facilities for Government. The adjoining tree-covered hillsides will help provide a pleasant green enhanced campus environment. A new Mass Transit Railway station is scheduled to be located immediately adjoining the expansion site. This will provide a major boost to public access to the University.

Detailed planning and feasibility studies are being actively pursued to bring this exciting concept closer to reality with involvement of the local community being proposed in shaping the actual physical development.

An application has been made to the Government for the land involved in the Western Expansion to be granted to the University as an extension to the existing Main Campus. The land is zoned for Government/Institution and Community (GIC) purposes so that in broad planning terms the Western Expansion project is compatible.

University/Community Interaction

The University already has a strong physical presence in Western District not only in the form of the Main Campus but also in student hostels and in recreation and sports facilities lying along Pokfulam Road and all the way up to its second (medical) campus at Sassoon Road. This presence and University/Community interaction will continue to grow with the proposed Western Expansion to the Main Campus plus further planned University student hostels and informal student accommodation in the surrounding community.

"I sincerely hope the Millennium Master Plan will materialize in the not too distant future enabling the University of Hong Kong to be the HUB of moulding useful future leaders for a better and brighter tomorrow."

A member of the University Council