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Strategic Area 3 - Partnering with Society and Serving the Community

To support Hong Kong's continued success as a city of enterprise, to respond to Hong Kong's call for knowledge-based development, and to lead Hong Kong's future as an international city in China, the University of Hong Kong will

Support the development of a knowledge-based society and society's pursuit of quality of life by providing opportunities for lifelong learning;

Strengthen the University's role in society, particularly in mainland China, through engaging in advisory, research and development endeavours, and community activities.

Operational Priorities
  • Rationalize, consolidate and focus the University's teaching and research efforts to provide the Hong Kong community with exceptional value for money and the means to advance societal aims
  • Coordinate development strategies for the "continuum of education", centered on the strengths of the University and the HKU-School of Professional and Continuing Education
  • Review the University's existing network and alliances in mainland China in order to develop collaborations that can strengthen our presence, enhance our reputation, and consolidate and cement linkages already established
  • Expand the establishment of joint laboratories to pool research expertise, and of liaison offices in mainland China to enhance coordination
  • Consolidate and expand recruitment of undergraduate and postgraduate students from mainland China and provide appropriate service support
  • Consolidate, develop and expand HKU's alumni network in mainland China
  • Engage the interests of the government, business, industries, professional bodies in the University's standing, reputation, quality education, relevance, achievements and developments