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Strategic Area 2 - Raising Global Presence and Visibility

To establish HKU's reputation as a premier international university and a member of the global family of universities by performing at the highest international levels and strengthening the international components of University life.

Operational Priorities
  • Benchmark the University's activities against high quality international institutions; recognize and implement best international practice taking into account local issues where appropriate
  • Review the University's existing international network and alliances in order to develop those that will strengthen the global presence and visibility of the University
  • Take a more active role in strategic international alliances e.g., Universitas 21; develop meaningful bilateral alliances; make use of the strengths and achievements of our partner universities to facilitate student movement, faculty development, exchange programmes, etc.
  • Take a more active role in regional alliances to promote the University's role as a knowledge hub in the region
  • Further develop the office of international affairs
  • Recruit international students and provide them with a first class support service, including courses in culture and language
  • Strengthen the international element of the curriculum to enhance global understanding and cross-cultural awareness amongst locally recruited students
  • Take full advantage of the University's unique position as China's English-medium University