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Strategic Planning and Provost's Office

The Strategic Planning and Provost’s Office was previously known as the Strategic Planning Unit.  It was established in February 2001 to provide planning advice and support to senior management in the wider issues of strategic planning for the University, including governance and management, academic planning, academic structure, funding methodology, resource planning, campus development, etc.

The Unit was reorganized as the Strategic Planning and Provost’s Office in September 2010 to reflect its role.

List of staff members and contacts:

Name Title Tel Email
Regina Law Senior Assistant Registrar / Head 2241 5864 rwslaw@hku.hk
Helen Lockey Senior Assistant Registrar 2859 1928 hlockey@hku.hk
Angelina Hung Administrative Assistant 2219 4678 atmhung@hku.hk
Yvonne Lau Secretary I 2241 5404 ykylau@hku.hk
Jennis Chan Secretary II 2219 4738 jennis@hku.hk